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Root Group Therapy

Root Group runs in small groups of 2-3 for students in grades 4-6 and groups of 3 for students in grades 7-9.

Root Group is a social group for students diagnosed with high functioning Autism or Asperger Disorder. Root Group is group therapy that focuses on social awareness skills including -but not limited to- joint attention, tuning in to the environment, thinking about others, emotional sharing, self-regulating in a “sensory busy” environment, and executive functioning skills (e.g. organization, planning).

Root Group is fun! Root Group is safe, supportive, and will celebrate successes as well as provide opportunities to reflect upon and learn from mistakes. Root Group uses visual props, video clips, modeling, small group work, games and interactive problem-solving scenarios to help participants grow their social skills.

Root Group is run by a nationally certified speech-language pathologist and supported by a local university student volunteer.

Why is Root Group so great?

Root Group gives participants:

  • planned curriculum focusing on important social skills and specific communication goals
  • meaningful carryover programs and personal weekly objectives
  • a supportive social group to learn with (and from!) one another
  • repeated opportunities for confidence-building and social success in the school environment

Fees & Schedule

Spring Group is full – we are piloting a Book Club version in April and look forward to offering a Summer and Fall version as well!

Group sessions begin when a good match is found for your child.

Sessions are 1 hour long.
$65.00/session X 6 = $390.00
Call 902-826-3051 or send an email to julie@stillwaterspeech.ca for further questions.

Participants must be committed to attend, which is capped at 2 or 3 participants per group, to ensure the development of a consistent group dynamic and opportunities for leadership within sessions.

If you want to participate in Root Group, please send an email or phone us at 902-826-3051.