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Resources & Community Organizations

www.sac-oac.ca SAC (Speech-Language & Audiology Canada)
www.shans.ca SHANS (Speech and Hearing Association of Nova Scotia)
www.asha.org ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association)
School Readiness & Learning Disabilities
www.getreadytoread.org An online tool-kit for parents from the National Centre for Learning Disabilities
www.zerotothree.org Tips focusing on children 3 years and younger, under the “Care and Education” tab
www.speechandhearing.ca Information for consumers on preschool age developmental milestones
Non-profit Organizations
www.alzheimer.ca Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia
www.aphasiaaction.com InteRACT – Intensive Residential Aphasia Communication Therapy
www.progresscentre.com Progress Centre for Early Intervention
www.autismspeaks.ca Autism Speaks Canada
www.stutteringhelp.org Stuttering Foundation of America