School Readiness: A Speech-Language Pathologist’s Perspective

It’s coming…’big school’! School registration was last month for our local school board. Children turning 5 years old before December 31, 2015 will be heading off to ‘big school’ in September. Success, happiness, achievement, a nurtured love for learning, and new friends are among the many wishes and hopes for next year’s Primary students. For … Continue reading School Readiness: A Speech-Language Pathologist’s Perspective

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Homework Hacks for Speech & Language Therapy

Happy New Year and Welcome 2015

Where developing speech meets nature


Fall is here…my personal favourite season as we transition from the summer haze to the winter frost. Fall also means transition to new routines and new schedules. The question begs to be asked…do transitions rule the roost in your home? Transitions, from bed to the breakfast table, from the house to the car, or from … Continue reading Transitions

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Reading & Speech

At Stillwater Speech Therapy, we love to read. We also love it when children and adults love to read. There are offers at every corner to help with reading, yet not a lot of attention is given to the important connection between speech development and reading. Surprising to me, ‘Can speech-language pathologists help with reading … Continue reading Reading & Speech

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Inspiration from our Local Community

Support for Stuttering

Stuttering and fluency are on the brain this week. For families with school-age children, September is a mix of excitement for the start of school and the stress of establishing new schedules and routines. For students with fluency concerns, the general “busy”-ness of back to school can be a trigger for increased stuttering. As we … Continue reading Support for Stuttering

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The Story of Parkinson Disease and Speech Therapy

Language Fun Story Time

Quality What is better than free? Quality. Free is nice, but quality counts. Stillwater Speech Therapy is bringing a quality, free, small group program back to the Tantallon public library this September! Language Fun Story Time (LFST) Research has shown us repeatedly that early speech and language skills are predictive of later academic success and … Continue reading Language Fun Story Time

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